Monday, October 23, 2006

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

poSt cOLLoNiAL bULL****

dear jess,

ever since ive been accused of being to casual in my research writings, ive transfered my ‘need to be’ into using my large aesthetic words here, instead. lacking anymore emotional or personal depth and repeating regrets, ive decided to pick on something else instead.

as i was rereading comments from 'oh-so-great' theatre practitioner cum owner of studio cum im white but actually lebanese who once lived in australia, i came over this horrible play he once did. and when interviewed it was interesting, his reply was. to the question 'theatre goers did not enjoy your show, but non theatre goers did.' he loudly 'kutuk' theatre goers and applauded non theatre goers that he manage to 'entertain' them, because that was his aim.

you see, in a country where i-can-win-a-reality-competition-alto-i-cant-sing-dance-or-even-look-good but simply because im a village boy; one strives for the faintest, littlest hope that once again the stupid white men can save us.

but of course, that is post collonialism bull****.

why do white men walk into OUR theatre doors and pretend to understand gamelan and mak yong and wayang kulit whilst in the way they speak and look at you, you know they thing they're better than you?

simply because.

we let them.

my best example is the i-can-win-a-reality-competition-alto-i-cant-sing-dance-or-even-look-good boy.

we let them

we let the talentless win competitions, and the ones with the talent who fail to admit that even they can put up shows that fail, performances that will fall flat, theatre that has gone bad.. to those, we instead suck up and tell them that it was good, so that we get on their good sight. it still feels like we let them rule us. we've let ourselves become the product of post collonial... all together now..... ******

tesco's anyone?



Wednesday, October 11, 2006

bUttEr pRaWnS aNyOne??

dear jess

I sat there for three hours, squatting and standing and rarely blinking whilst my heart waited in anticipation and pounded like crazy when I caught one.

I was prawning.

They should allow that word in the dictionary, after all fishing for prawns is quite an oxymoron. jessica has got a new hobby (big grin)

As I sat there a few minutes before I discovered my new obsession, yes obsession that leaves you thinking of the next prawning session, I waited on the boys to finish their snooker game.

And just as it were to be me, it occurred that there are either two things wrong with the world. One, is that the world is very much male biased, OR two, is that women, lack hobbies.

Everything non “passive” that doesn’t resign the female gender to watching movies or shopping consist of generally male based hobbies. Fishing, snooker, pool, arcade, golfing etcetera.. of course I said generally. Most of this stuff is done by my male counterparts.

The strangest thing is that never will you see a woman taking a man and say hang on whilst I play three rounds of snooker. A woman just doesn’t do that to her man!

Nope. Not saying that one is better than the other, after all I caught seven prawns on my first prawning session and my experienced male counterpart, two.

Perhaps going to fishing ponds four days in a row and being the minority, or sometimes the only female will tend to induce baffling thoughts on any chick. In the meanwhile, I recommend prawning. The feeling is quite indescribable.

And if you’re gonna ask the men to wait for five rounds, make sure its not just five rounds around the shopping mall.