Friday, November 30, 2007

knock knock

dear jess,

it seems that perhaps no one really had anything to say at all in the first place. that in the light of "facebook" maybe everyone really never ever had anything on their minds to say in the first and now that no one will pay attention to our blogs, we move on. maybe thats all we really want. us human beings. attention. im sure thats not a maybe.

perhaps thats all that makes us feel like we are part of this world and thats why we do the things we do. apart from facebook or bloggin that is. we get a fancy job, so we get attention, oops i mean so that we belong. or we do something different and travel or work odd hours, so that we belong, and yet dont belong enough for other people to envy us.

well, at least in my little crazy world where i try to find privacy on the web and yet have the feeling that im telling everyone and yet no one. perhaps this is just the perfect world for me.

Better go hungry than to be alone. because when you're alone - and im talking here about and enforced solitude not of our choosing- its as if you were no longer part of the human race. coehlo in zahir

Thursday, November 22, 2007

mirror mirror

dear jess,

there is a lesson we learn or realise every now and then. sometimes its about ourselves, sometimes others and sometimes ourselves through others.

the biggest puzzle in the world perhaps is our own selves. and the delusions that relate to us being ourselves.

its so interesting how we only see parts of ourselves that we want to. and largely, interpretation really is in the eye of the beholder.

ive come to realise how wrongly i can be interpreted or how perhaps wrongly ive interpreted myself. like how someone i know thought i was probably being annoying when i always think out loud and seemingly hesitate to make decisions, when to me i was just processing my decisions out loud. or how someone thinks that he is good at most things when i think he is just a pain.

perspectively, we always think that we are right. perspectively we think that we are independent or confident when people think that that aspect of us is just cocky and annoying. we shrug and just shove it off as thats me, accept it, and not just that, we become proud of those aspects because we think that people not liking us is their own fault, not ours.

i always knew delusion was my best friend, i didn't until recently realised it was everyone elses too..


Tuesday, November 13, 2007


dear jess,

i write this with some amount of hesitation. i was tearing three days ago at the hospital when i saw how he looked, how much weight was gone and i dreamed of him that night and the next. on that third day, he passed away.

its simple. i don know him like everyone there, his sisters, nieces and nephews, but he was to me the one thing that no one else was. he acknowledge my presence and he made time to talk and smile and to just be nice.

and for someone ive known seemingly so little off, im grieving.

you will be so dearly missed, john marcian carvalho.


Sunday, November 04, 2007

distinguishing it

dear jess,

i recently threw out a big basket of clothes. skirst, baby tee's and other 'valuables.' i would do it every once in a while but this one was a "major" one. i had bought three dresses, a sandal, four tops, a shorts and im sure some other stuff i dont remember in the span of just two weeks. i was and still am the tee and jeans girl who doesnt comb her hair. still.

yes, it wasnt budgeted and most of all i had shopped for dresses, something i despised till recently.

i was, and to some extend still hanging on to tees i love but cant fit in anymore thanks to the bulging tummy. tee's that i had probably worn few times, because they were "branded" and most likely will never fit into even if i starved myself to death.

im a believer that people can change, but more often than not, we dont. we still think that the pants or the bag is in style because its "us." how many of us try a style of sunglass we'd never think we'd like or a pair of clothing that "isnt us"? and how many of us actually end up buying those..

as usual, i digress.

ive thrown out those i can't wear and am aimed at trying more new "threads." i hope that that subconsciously transmits to my personality and not just my wardrobe. we all say we've changed after ten years, but have we really? are we still wearing the same type of flip flops with the same type of pants and shirt that everyone can spot us a million miles away?

change is good inside and out, as long as it isnt a V-neck shirt on a man or strange cowboy motif shirts. Ah! fashion is so difficult..


Thursday, November 01, 2007

simply put

dear jess,

im convinced. we, at some point of our lives complicate things, just because. usually attributed to all these reasons and blamed on reasons like our personalities or that we dont think its the right time.

i don't get it anymore though. and worse of all it frustrates me.

the boy likes the girl, the girl likes the boy, but its not right because its not right yet. the girl loves the boy but has to be away, so he breaks up with her, because?

wasnt love meant to triumph over such "trivial" things like time and space? were we subconsciously waiting to leave or waiting to find the "right one" or waiting for the brick to hit us on our head?

i think its this.
we humans, subconciously dont want to be happy. not all the time anyway. we like to think of ourselves as tortured souls.

fall in love with the girl we cant have.

distance wil keep me from loving you.

maybe its ancestry and since the majority of us will not get killed or tortured for being in love with someone different, we subconsciously torture ourselves.

what happens if a girlfriend decides one day to leave for the jungles of the amazon? the girlfriend usually follows the boyfriend or husband but men sometimes work differently and dont immediately see to living the dreams of their better half. perhaps this is a womans curse.. do dreams end for us, where relationship starts?

are we all just subconcious human beings waiting to scream that we are tortured souls, so that the world will pity us and we can write great songs and poems?

i hate it that it seems im the only one who really does think that life is that simple if we let it be. but i guess not everyone is ready for simplicity.