Sunday, December 21, 2008

im fat, are you?

dear jess,

what is it with us Malaysians?

i was in ikea and an ex collegue sees me. we greet, and guess what she says???? i heard your voice but then i saw you and i thought jessica is thin, it cant be her. and then we go on talking for maybe two seconds and she insist on asking me "why i had become fat?"and of course, it doesnt end before she brings it up several more times.

let me start with what is wrong here, and try to be as objective, despite the fact that im FUMING with anger. The thing is, ive heard this several times, of me and NOT of me. people meet after a long time and guess what the first thing is that they say? not how are you or ive missed the days we hung out or even if you're married.. NOOOO, why those aren't important things.. instead they insist on mentioning the wonderful fact, that is not only just insulting but is most likely already KNOWN to the adreesee. hey you're FAT since i last saw you. and that was ten years ago. right we don grow fat ten years later.

i seriously do not get it. i dont know if its a malaysian thing and its probably unfair to say so. its just i dont get it cos ive seen this happen so many times i absolutely need an explanation. from people of a "polite" culture who say "yes" when they mean "no" and "no" when the mean "yes" when food is offered to them, saying YOU'RE FAT to someone is okay???????

YES IM ANGRY. i've grown FATTER since the last seven years and i dont care, so why should you??? the next time someone says that to me im gonna say "well you haven't changed have you? you're still ugly."