Thursday, April 17, 2008

aging with craze

dear jess

the best thing about turning thirty this year was that i got to act like a three year old. and it was allllllllll worth it.. i recommend it to everyone. rent a place, play games, eat, laugh, play dodgeball, run into someone while playing baseball, and most importantly throw ice water on everyone at 1am. if that happen everytime i turn thirty i wouldnt mind doing it ev-er-y-day.

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throwing ice water at each other in the middle of the night makes everyone a little crazy.. :)

tequila is my fren......

taboo time.. laugh till it ached
dodgeball punishment.. pouring ice water oh so slowly over you...

a little older, and obviously choosing to not grow up,

Friday, April 04, 2008


dear jess,
God has been good to me. more so than i have Him. i know that there are things in our life that changes us, experiences, places, people, events. all of us thinking that our experiences is more important than anybody elses. the uni life, the boyfriend, the travelling.
and then one day, you find out something. perhaps its a death, a well kept secret or a sickness that requires a changed lifestyle. how does someone with cancer deal when he is told that what he thought of his body all this while, really isnt..
everything changes. everything is different. and the only experience more important than anybody elses, is how God still loves you.
it still surprises me, perhaps just as much as it should Him, that im still loved by God. my bad. i measure God against people i know.
undesrving, selfish, me, i cant grasp that there is nothing i can do or not do to make Him love me more or less. im pretty sure i wont till the day i die.