Saturday, May 01, 2010


dear jess,

i realise that i am the scrooge of weddings. and possibly the only one i know who dares say that i am not a fan of weddings. i find it also a tad annoying sometimes.. i know, now my friends must be thinking that if i thought that of their wedding. perhaps not.

its quite hard to explain. i don't hate the people getting married, neither do i think that its not something to be celebrated. however, i find myself thinking every now and then- do people REALLY want to see your wedding photos in facebook? do people really want to know how you met? and why you think your guy is the best person to be married to? what makes you think i want to take home a picture of you and your newlywed no matter how nice the picture is?

right, maybe thats it. the seemingly full of their selfness that comes across at weddings? or perhaps that i sometimes have to sit down through a speech that gave the bride's full on resume.. or take home a candle that i will never burn? (which i find strangely hard to resist)

i wonder what the ghosts of past, present and future will have to say about this. haha.

still, i am looking forward to some weddings this year. i am, as always a contradiction on so many levels.