Thursday, December 30, 2004

tEach mE wHaT tO sAy tHiS nEw yEaRs eVe..

dear jess,

Come this new year, should i say "happy new years"? much more should i say "blessed new year"?? what should i say? do tell me because i do not know. I sit here and watch my tv of graves and graves of unamed bodies in them. Families wailing of what seems like an after math of a war. Bodies flung unknown, unrecognized, unclaimed. Families walking through bodies after bodies, with the unimaginable task of identifying their loved ones!

And yet, i remain unmoved, unscared? Tens of thousands of families will be crying tonight and on the eve of new year, tens upon thousands will face poverty and hunger, tens upon thousands will scoff at the new year they will not even notice has come, tens upon thousands still looking for their loved dead. And i, one person, can sit here wondering what is to be wished come new years eve?

Make a pledge, move from the clasping of tv remotes to the clasping of prayerful and giving hands?

In human intercourse, the tragedy begins not when there is a misunderstanding about words, but when silence is not understood.
Henry David Thoreau

by His grace,

Monday, December 27, 2004

tHe DaY mY "bEsT" fRiEnd gOt mArRiEd

dear jess,

chun liang got married! on Christmas day. it's stil surreil. haha... It was so sweet tho.. a garden wedding in cyberjaya, with "waterfall" in the background! its just a surreil experience because, usually, weddings attended are people your family knows, or your relatives, but not really a good fren. i think the best part was hearing chun liang saying his vows.. its was SO sweet. im not a sucker for romance and i pity the man who would want to marry me someday, but chunliang's wedding actually gave me the feel that weddings can be nice and relaxed, without the fear of 'committing your life away' to someone else.. no turning back. Did his wedding make me reconsider my pre conceived ideas and negativity about a married life? haha... we'll see.. ill ask him what its like after a few years.

It did however make me consider and think deeply about the possibility of a continued 'best-friendness' with a guy. You know me jess, forever thinking that its possible to walk againts the tidal waves, but perhaps ive come to my realisations. Its possible if you were married, to have a guy fren as your best fren, to go out for beers or teh tariks and tell your wife so, but with a woman? Its possible to call a guy your best fren but a gal while you're married is being unfair to your wife.. because really she should be your best friend?

Dont get me wrong, im in no way complaining about my friends.. (yet :)), its just stuff you wonder when you watch your friend take that plunge.

Well, perhaps it is true that there are only certain regions i can go, and perhaps someday i'll 'marry off' all my male frens and then i'll be left to wonder once again, the boundaries of opposite gender friendships and ill probably ask myself why i didnt make good friends with more girls..

Until that day comes however, i think i'll mjust make do with my imaginary friend, Larry...

your female friend,

Sunday, December 26, 2004

aAaWWWW so SweEt..

Posted by Hello psss, look out for the proud father...

eLaiNe, PiWo, LeE ReNg, WeI cHuN's ParEnts Posted by Hello

i jUsT LovEd tHe cHairS! Posted by Hello

sAyiNg i dO iN froNt Of a WaTerFaLL Posted by Hello

Friday, December 24, 2004

i fEaR cHriStMaS jUst aS mUcH aS i FeAr FeAr????

dear jess,

A really weird thing happened today at music & arts ministry christmas' last rehearsal. After the first run i was about to 'scold' the team.. haha... and to my amazement, shock and worse of all HORROR i felt like crying. my voice started to crack, and i couldnt talk! i couldnt control my emotions, as i expressed deep sorrow and dissapointment in the choir's lack of focus. What was happening?? and in public? was i about to express tears in front of everyone and pleaseee what will people think?

Well, thats that, and i still dont know what people think, altho i didnt break down in tears. But honestly, what is wrong with expressing our emotions in public. I mean what is wrong with people who go aroung thinking that the only right emotion, is.. really NONE. Too much happiness means you're insane, too much tears means, your life is going wrong, too much anger means its wrong for you to react that way.. and by too much, i mean showing any emotion at all.

Sigh, now that im done babling.. im not looking forward to Christmas, simply because i fear it. The first Christmas without mama and aunty Marie. I fear how its gonna be, I fear not knowing how everyone willl react. This is one Christmas, none of us are looking forward to. And you know whoever said time heals all wounds?? i think he was a liar.. Probably the same person who endorsed a non - emotional society..

your sadly, happily, and angrily,

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

me trying to look busy... Posted by Hello
josh and me striking our pose.. sighh dont hate us cos we are BEA-UTI-FUL Posted by Hello
iTs oFfIciAL... i LovE mUd Posted by Hello
tHe tEaChErS Posted by Hello

fRoM cHiLLiNg cOLd tO bUrNinG hOT

deear jess,

HI!!!! im back from Cameron Highlands, from an unbelieavbly beautiful time! The most tiring too! as im growing old.. wow i can feel it man! the youths are sleeping in late and getting up early and i just cant keep up.. and saying this whilst im still in my 20's!

since so much ahs happened in a mere 5 days, ill just give you the highlights.. First one, STRAWBERRY ICE LOLLIES!!! gosh! you cant leave cameron's without having one. Aunty Grace's at Chefoo is great! freshed boiled strawberry's which she packs into thos silinder looking plastics.. rmbr when we were kids we had those ice creams (or rather frozen ice)?/ well this ones like that except ten times better.. i had one after every lunch and dinner every day!! ahhh and i bought back 15 more.. haha! yes, no one better touch my freezer and try to steal 'em..

Second highlight.. i was goalie!! hahaha in the mud!! and the onlygirl 'stupifd' enough to be on the football field.. haha! WELL, i saved one and a 'half' of the 4 balls so.. im proud, plus the 'oldies' team still won and i managed to get a 'facial' wit all that mud :)

Third highlight we had a superb group.. with our beautiful leader, joshua lee at the steering,
w e named ourselves THE UNBELIEVABLY BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE.. we have a song and a 'slogan',.... and if you were the camper, and the only other group names that you rememeber in 2 weeks besides your's is ours.. then you knowthat its because we are unbelievably beautifull... roll your eyes all you want.. hmpph! 'whatever!'

fourth, we made joshua walk barefooted into the 'dirty' guys toilet during truth or dare.. now tell me wouldnt you kill to have watched that?

Fifth, ive saved the best for last... God has touched may hearts and lives, through our DYNAMIC and cute speaker, steven low. i personally feel refreshed after hearing his messages, and spending time in the highlands. i managed to glimpse the before 7 view and just hear the trees being blown in the breeze.. do you know it actually sounds like water in the brook? of course, i missed the SHOOTING STARS... like SOME people.. but sighhhh what to do!!

SIGGHHHh so much more!! every moment was great! thanks to everyone for being such great fun and organising!

dont forget- remember jesus

yours back in the hot weather, yet grateful for it,

tHe uNbeLievAbLy beAutIfuL peOpLe hArD aT WorK Posted by Hello
tHe yUmmY iCe LoLLieS and Of cOurSe the YUMMMMMY foOd!! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

aYaM fRoM RASSS-Hia!!!


dear jess,
you must forgive us for being so mean over lunch yesterday. leon's fren val was gonna join us and she hadnt met sean yet.. so guess what we decided to do?? we decided that sean would be VLADIMIR from Russia!... so there it was, scene one take one...

Enter Valerie

leon: Hi! this is my friend Vladimir, from Russia
Sean: Ah HALLO!

jess: so how did you guys meet?

Sean: VE are Urm 'Ze Zpen Pal?
val: Wow you actually have pen pals who visit you?
Leon: yeah! he surprised me!
Sean: YA! ya! i just Come to his houze! i bring ze VodkA!
Val: what do you do in russia?

Jess: you work or study?
Sean:i Workz i works in ze factory.
Jess: vodka factory?
Sean: No no. if i workz there, i wontz be working.. HAHAHA
Leon: Hows your girlfren in Russia?
Sean: AHHH chrstine?? zhe is okay
leon: you gonna marry her?
Sean: i not sure.. If i Marry Her.. her fathzer mightz shoot me!! hahaha

directors note: this goes on far beyond our expectations, as the 'actors' seemed to have been able to hold a straight face longer, the conversation goes from types of malaysian food 'vladimir' should try, to russian climate!!!!

at the end of dinner..

Leon: Shall we end this??
Val : YEs! (thinking in reference to lunch)
Leon: Val, urmm meet Sean. the funniest guy on earth!

Scene ends with everyone laughing, and val absolutely shock.

CUT!!! ThAtS a WrAP!!!!! now.. who shall we trick next???

yours mischieviously,

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

i nEeD a CoFfEe bReAk bUt LiFe sEeMs tO hAf rAn OuT oF cOffEE?!!

dear jess,

as i sit here writting to you, my body feels like it wants to sleep, a rarity for a nocturnal person like me.. and i wish i had enough will power to go down and make myself a cup.

Mocha frappucino

Starbucks. late saturday night. Micheal Drieberg spends me! i have a HUGE cup of coffee and end up being wide awake the night before an early morning church day. BUT the worst part of all??? i decided to switch slippers before getting down from the car, and end up wearing a nice sandal on my left leg and a BATHROOM SLIPPER on my left!!!!!


Gosh i wished i had americano this time! URGHHH!!!! where do i start on this one? the dawn of greed and capitalism has nibbed me in the butt and it has a perfect way of making itself sound correct! Faced with the choice of taking up a 'chance' to make 50 thousand bucks a month, and the surreility of 'multi level marketing' i scoff at the idea that i have to invest money which i do not have, to gain money which i MAY not make, to keep money which will someday fade. Oh no, i need money, who doesnt? but its HORRID the way some people say 'why should i be wasting time when i can use this time to make more money' so let me get this right? you work 8 hours a day, to come home to go out again to make more money? And subsequently complain about having to pay off expensive debts? count me out, palahniuk would be gravely dissapointed with me. "You are not the contents of your a wallet"... (fight club)

Black Coffee? Make that 5 cups please....

sigh... it looks like they've run out of coffee. or at least it feels alot like it. Death has made its way to my mind again. Except this time, its different. Joops mum passed away Monday morning. She passed away of cancer. I remember the last time i met her was in uni days, and i wished i got to visit her again, but as it turns out that was not to be. I'll remember her as the jovial, fun, outgoing person.. trust me, she was a one of a kind mum. as a person, her daughter testifies, that even in hospital, suffering in pain, she asked to buy a gift for another cancer patient opposite her bed. Amazing huh? to be able to show love when you are suffering. It reminds me of Jesus.

think ill go make myself that cuppa now.. what shall i have?

kOpI 'O'

coffee addict-jess