Saturday, September 29, 2007

good honking vietnam

dear jess,
wandering the streets of vietnam, there's no mistaking you're here. people on the bikes; and there are millions of them; honk all the time and crossing the road becomes a matter of life and death.
well, thats all for now. tired, sweaty and no time to write.
till then,

Sunday, September 23, 2007

soap to wash your sins away, women falling on you, clubbing and going to the hospital at 530 am? welcome to singapore!

every girl should have a fix it kit to look good for Jesus? im speechless and highly amused. it was such a novelty i wanted to get it. they also had lip balm that would, and i quote "return you lips to near virgin condition."
was god saying something??? :)
giant turkish ice cream anyone?
the giant lanterns, clarke quay, singapore

the man who swing giant beads, orchard street, singapore

clubbing, drinking and random people talking to us? old men doing the finger dancing, women LITERALY falling all over kit and karine stealing the lead singer's hat. just another ordinary day!
6.00 am, alexandria hospital, singapore, dr. mike gives us a description with his hands about.... sandwiches? hmmm doesnt look like it.

Monday, September 17, 2007

so good id curse

dear jess,

i just have to post this. i like the way talent works. its unfair and you cant really blame yourself for not having or having it.

i couldnt believe it when i saw nick's photographs. it was so good, i cursed! and at the same time im completely god-stricken and now think the world of his photos. damn i hope he doesnt read this.

i now wanna go around telling people i have a friend who takes awesome photographs and is so humble. i myself, just started the interest this year when i got my first decent camera and im so proud that nick's taken pics without a digital slr. like my bro in law says, its the person and i believe so, it is the person not the camera.

heck what they say about talent. im gonna go do the water drop experiment and ill show you what crap shots ill get. HAHA.

nicholas cheong's pics can be found on

drooling and idolizing,

all rights to this picture belongs to nicholas cheong. hmm altho i did take it.. *dont sue me* :) nick did this as an experiement and got his lens wet too. that boy has some amount of patience.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

very quickly now

dear jess,

technology was suppose to make my life easier, but instead its made me work three times as hard. for example. i want to update all my pictures right now and i do it here, on flickr and on facebook. the same damn thing because everyones connected everywhere. it feels stupid. however i think facebooks the best because it has everything you need in one.

the weeks have gone like crazy, i had the worse ear infection because of my piercing and didnt even get to show you the pictures, yet. it went red and swelled HUGELY and then it bled. it bled right down to my the tip of my ears and wouldnt stop. i hate piercers who dont know an ounce of what theyre doing.

anyway's the dutch were in the historical city this weekend. i think ive rediscovered this city over and over again and i still love it.

so now we're down to me just updating you on my life.

ive arrived.

i love the dutch cows :) there were six brightly painted ones, i caught three, skipped two ugly ones and missed one.

the dutch brass band came to town, fully dressed with their clogs and all, and they were great fun

hotel anyone? it comes with spiral steps too.
ringo's bar. quaint. nice.
portuguese bake fish. awesome. but not as nice as the otak otak :)

i tried these, the big shells (bigger than my whole hand) had the skins FULL and alive but shrunk to a ball once they were cooked. it tasted like salt water :) haha

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

we are here again

dear jess

it shames me to say that i had forgotten. i tried hard to remember but i couldnt remember your date.


she was my ally. she would say that it was okay if i got back late and would always take my side against my mum. she would back me up and i would take her to movies.

the last time i took her to one, i still remember which it was, she would laugh so loud; imagine that; an old lady laughing so loud i was slightly embarassed. then she would say a million times that coming to the cinema would be imposing on my fun.

whenever she went to the shop, she'd buy me egg tarts because i loved it, and i would buy her the 'split' ice cream or the chocolate ones because she loved those.

she was always apologetic and never wanted anyone to go out of their way for her, and yet even in her 80s she'd clean my room!

you know, i have a problem till today because of her. i simply cant look at another granmother or someone aged. i found that it literally made me cry and i have had once broken down in the most unpredictable of times because i was completely surrounded by them.
there is no way, as i initally wanted to, to write to you eloquently about her. it wasn't always what she did or said but it was who she was. she was an old woman who had so much of energy, a grandmother who made everyone around her laugh and be happy, she was my mama.

it made me feel so handicap that i had no grandmother anymore, and for some years already. i had no one to open the door and ask her to come down for supper, no one to watch wash her long white hair in the bathroom, no one who wears a sarong in the house, or tell us not to take pictures of her, no one she would call penis in portuegese, quite literally translated, no one who would sundry the eurasion pickle, no one to love, and all i still want to do is love her.

im sure she's retained every ounce of her sense of humor in heaven, im not sure about the cursing though.

*helen theisera passed away third september, 2004.


Saturday, September 01, 2007

who am i really?

dear jess,

who am i when you're not with me?
who am i when ive stopped moving,
who are you when you've stopped travelling,
when you're all alone and there is no one to define you, but you.

i become me, when you're here. i become great, when i am with you. i become who i think i was always meant to be.

how is it possible that i can only be me, with you?