Saturday, April 18, 2009

aRe u A fAceBooK whOrE??

dear jess,

i have deactivated facebook.


it was a series of events, our split. just like other relationships, its never just that one thing. apart from the fact that i predict something new will soon be taking over fb, twitter perhaps, i must say this relationship i had with fb was really starting to annoy me.

i dont know if technology has really made our lives any better, and since the start of our three two(?) year relationship the tension had been building . For example, i have friends that "know" me but have NEVER said a word to me ever! and when i added them, the relationship remained silent. so i deleted them.. they then try adding me again.

then there were people i found that, consciously or not, use fb to satisfy their all annoying need to get attention.

ABC is tired and needs a break and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah..

2seconds later..

ABC has made coffee with two packs of sugar and blah blah blah

3 seconds later...

yeah you get my drift. and some of it is just written with flashing red lights and desperation for someone to comment on their status! my friend calls these guys, facebook whores. how appropriate.

then, there was my huge discomfort that my personal life was being invaded thru pictures i post, by people i forgot are in my fb. i know i can only let some people see certain things, but its sometimes more complicated than that.

anyways, what might've taken the cake was when someone told me how much they missed me, on my wall. someone who lives minutes away from me, or is a phone call away.

i think that fb has given us the perfect excuse for passive friendships, lazy wishes, and an ever absorbing hypnotizing need to "look" at other peoples lives, see who they're dating and what they've been up to. i can understand the attraction as well as its practicality for people who live far apart.

still, i dunno why i didnt log off sooner, and at the same time i can't promise that i wont have a relaps and want to go back to it !

happy facebooking

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

wHEN thErE's A gReat eXcuSe to ShOP


so, while i was in cambodia, siem reap i came across 'bloom'. the boisterous singaporean explained that the bags are made from this fish paper, err rice paper? anyways they're made into bags and done so simply to give jobs to single mums in the country. the thing is tho, im soooooo impressed with the simple idea and the bags are so unique! i promise you you wont see anyone using it in this country. altho i have a sneaking suspicion we might see it in our country in a year or so, with the proceeds going to no charitable cause.

kinda wished i bought more! ..

this is an original bloom creation.. ahhh soooo cute :)

my "comic" wallet.makes me feel like a kid. the proceeds for this one goes to "friends" in support of educating street kids.

this one wasn't from bloom and the little sign did say it was made by handicap people. i'm not sure , cause there's been alot of imitation from the designs at bloom. i got it cos it was nice. sigh sue me :)
anyways check out the site, it's got a cool range.