Friday, October 16, 2009

wish list

i wish right at this moment im away on an island watching the sunset with music playing in the background, and the invention of facebook hasn't touch the island. :)

i wish right at this moment i had no list of expectations of other people.

i wish right at this moment that all the wrongs in the world had been made right..

i wish that people didn't update their facebook status everyday.

i wish that men (and women) stop referring to things as "she" and make lame excuses that its because they love the object. bring us back forty years why don't you.

i wish my thumb will start functioning again.

i wish that my grandmother was alive.

maybe all i really wish is for heaven on earth.

i wish i cared :)or maybe cared less. i wish i knew.

i wish that it didn't have to be me every easter and christmas. isn't that the truth.

i wish there was a point to this all.

now you wish you hadn't started reading my pointless list. :)