Monday, March 26, 2007

wHo YoU cALLiNg FAt??

dear jess,

ive been hesitating about this letter for some time now. its probably because there is a myrid of things in my head and i don quite know how to phrase it. you see, someone made aware of a typical malaysian problem the other day, she aptly phrased as the middle class fat man syndrome.

apparently the education system hasnt taught us to think and secondly if we do think we dont do anything about it. this is true cos we all grumble but dont make that call, write that letter, say out loud what we should to make a change in our country, in our church and in the places we were destined to be.

she went on to use me as an example and yet contradicted herself by saying im not sayin u, "im taht way too, but u see if you were doing a thesis on this you wouldve bought the tickets to that performance weeks ahead, and you wouldve watch all the videos, but in reality i know you wont."

fellow malaysians, let me just say this, that until very recently i have been as detached from this country as someone who might as well be living in another country. yes, perhaps it is true that the greatest "achievement" is if the nation is one that doesnt think and just follows? i agree that most of us should say something but most of the time we dont..
i learned the other day that the man who won one of the first local newspapers playwright competition and is until today famed for that, actually handed in an unoriginal script.

do you really want to know what the "country's problem" is?
perhaps it is that we dont think or we dont say our opinions cos we are afraid; but first and foremost i think we should just all be nicer. and then, and then we can work on the fat man syndrome.

yes, somethings are that simple.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

welcome to my island in the sun...

panuba inn

home.. for a while

dead corals

the dead corals, look like something out of LOTR

the stretch of beach where i stayed at

coral island

the only explanation for something this good, is that no one lives here

hitting the rocks


snorkelling day


here fishhhyy

i feeL pRettY, oH so prettY


you can never have one too many..

everyone had their camera's ready to catch the perfect picture of the sunset..


ah, what a way to end the day

water lizards

sure they look cute now..

the pEe-piNg tOm LiZard

that was the toilet, and that was probably the same lizard peekin in to freak me out.

big mama

my bro in law would have probably caught them and barbaqued them..


the sign in smaller print says watch lizards making 'heart'

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

LeAvinG mAkEs bEinG bAcK GoOd aNd LeaViNg aGaiN bEtTeR..

dear jess,

so I did it. I was irresponsible by choice. *smile* I left everythin undone and went on a holiday! I packed my backpack, got on a bus and then a speedboat that would kill anyone who was claustrophobic and made my way to the island of tioman. Was it worth it? Hell, yeah. Well, that is until I suffer the repercussions in the next couple of days doing work that should be stretched over several days, if not weeks.

I think going to the best stretch of islands and beaches in Malaysia which of course is borneo somehow makes all other island not as nice. However tioman had most of it, clear water, white sandy beaches- on coral island, the beach was like powder under my feet!, reasonable prices on some stretches, duty free on others and really nice locals.

I went snorkeling at two different areas and of course it was lovely. I saw strange fishes, and the boat man didn’t hesitate to get all of us soaking wet with the splashes before I reached the snorkeling spot! It was like sitting on a roller coaster ride somewhat.

The ‘worse’ part of my trip was when we had lunch at one of the beaches which had these monitor lizards. The day before we trekked through some jungle and saw the land lizards and the next day I saw these water ones, first I saw two and then I was like "hey nice". So before lunch I made my way to the toilet and there they were, at least fifteen, walking out towards the toilet which lay about three meters before me! I rushed into it and closed the door, and started to worry desperately. When I got out, one of them had his head in my door! I peeked out and thought I could make a run for it but they were all there, almost as if they were waiting for me. Mind you, they are as ‘tall’ as me, tail and all! i sheepishly had to walk through the kitchen to make my way back without facing the fifteen slithery creatures.

I’ve also realized that certain stereotype are somewhat true and as always interesting; like the girls of a certain hereditary always like to take pictures with a “peace” sign and the boys like to be all “techy” with their tripod, and camera, making sure you know they’ve got the latest gizmo’s whilst some others for one reason or another are still afraid of water. Im still figuring out how come we act the way we’re born. That’s besides the point.

Well, I got back to Malacca soon enough and had my ritualized asam pedas that was as lovely as ever. I discovered the air batu campur (ABC) that was still being made the old way, red sugar, milk, ice, biscuit and of course buah tap. The thing is, I don’t like ABC all that much and I love this one, william, i think he is, has been making it the same since he’s been there, and being in his shop, was as much an experience as eating the ABC. It was old, people were sitting outside talking, his ice shaving machine was the old green one, the works. I’m sure it feels like that in some shops in KL too, but there’ll always be something bout the old city that’s close to me. Didn’t get to go to my chicken ball rice man at 4.30 am after fishing at the pond by the sea like I always do, but what can I say, I went snorkeling this week and fell asleep on a beach and a girl who’s done that shouldn’t be allowed to complain.

And. Someone ate my Malacca wan ton mee! So i came home and bought the KL version of it. *bleah*

Right, can’t complain. Can’t complain… oh! and i saw my first puffer fish at the pond! amazing creatures... cute and dangerous, hmm alot like women. still, i think it was so cute and am disappointed i didnt have the camere then.

ps. i'll post my pictures later.

What I dream of is an art of balance, of purity and serenity devoid of troubling or depressing subject matter. Henri Matisse



Monday, March 05, 2007

oNe LaSt KoPEk!!!!!!!!!

dear jess

It’s the final league of the race, well sort of. You’ve come to a point where its time to pull out the bikini’s and go to the beach, this week; regardless of how that thesis turns out.

Its almost like if you see it too much you might puke it out in the toilet. And to think; after I’m done with this I have more projects with my oh-so-legendary lecturer. Of course im thrilled but at the same time perplexed.

So, I am going to pack my bikini’s and head for the beach, at least that’s what I think. I have this overwhelming need to lie on the beach and do nothing at whatever point it will be in my thesis.

Tomorrow, when I go to collect my load of work for what in my mind; will be the final changes, I’ll close one eye when I see the amount of work I have to do and sulk back home.

And that will determine me coming back and unpacking or being the slacker I am, perhaps continue packing and leave the thesis to correct itself; just for a bit at least until I’ve done 20 hours of lying in the sun by the beach.

My oath is that I guarantee ill be a much better person and a more hardworking one, just after 3 hours of that.


portuguese laksa

ladies and gentlemen, this is what curry mee was meant to be.. the most beautiful form of food on the face of the earth... we call it curry laksa, and its actually what KLians call curry mee but this is hugely different, curry leaves, sambal kerang, and thick curry gravy, chilli sambal. im salivating..

sooooooooooooooo awesome

chocolate giant doughnut. no, seriously chocolate cake, with chocolate sauce and topped with vanilla ice cream if you like..

hOt fRy, oR sOmeThiNg LiKe iT

pai tee



before the egg hatches..

the doctors said i was going to get a baby spongebob

but.. i got you instead!

if only they could bite..

meet my "controversial" new shoes that have gotten me a little too much attention, with people feeling the need to coment "eee your shoes so orange i can see from the stage" to "teacher, you're wearing florouscent orange shoes!!"

i love them :) and to think i wanted the pink ones..