Saturday, January 02, 2010

nEw yEaR, oLd bLOg

dear jess,

im trying to remember the year. clearly i have an awful memory. i cant even remember what i did last week. so reminiscing is kinda hard. so ive looked thru my photos.. let seeeee
i went to cambodia with k. it was nice, i remember the being in awe and overwhelming feeling when i first stepped into angkor wat. i wonder if i will get to travel to somewhere new this year..

skip a few months..
my youngest and second youngest cousins get married, leaving mua to be the last girl on my mums side who's not married (woohooo). i reckon tho its just me who realises this :P

i discover...

hoegaarden, patron and drinks of all sorts.. its not that i haven't been drinking before this, but ive never been much of a beer drinker till i travelled this year and it was too hot, with beer being the best way to cool down :)

leaving me a beer belly..

i was gonna put more photos, but of course its just too much work :) im not gonna account my year as what ive done and have not done, accomplished and more likely- not accomplished. maybe these are just snapshots in my life.

you know, as it reached the end of the year i was a little bit sad, as always. i guess i wanted what rueben has with his family. every christmas they have the whole family down from all over, and since his mum has 6 siblings (or something) they have a huge family. family dinners, and even family gift exchange, family quiz trivias, AND annual uncle versus nephew football match! i mean who wouldnt enjoy a family like that right?

it made me a little sad, i started to remember when my extended family use to do that, see each other over the holidays, travel together, have sunday dinners ..

just saying. sometimes it feels that im the only one who wants to achieve a tradition like this. maybe i should just have 6kids and make them come back for christmas next time. maybe i'm being dramatic, but it feels like i have a hole to this window and i know that if some things arent preserved now, we will loose it soon enough.

here's to 2010. i have a wonderful list of resolutions i am happy to have penned down, divided into quarterly year to-do's :) gain a new skill, read a whole lot of books and saving are just some of them.

i know that the year will disappoint me and i will disappoint me and people around me will disappoint me. i'm sure there will be deaths and celebrations all round. still, we do the best we can and let Him do the rest.