Thursday, February 28, 2008

do one thing that scares you, everyday.

dear jess.

ok. so maybe not everyday. i heard that from someone on tv and i cant remember who it was. i try to these things, like go to an audition and try out for weird roles. auditions scare me but also gives me a sense of perspective. it use to disraught me and i would leave knowing i didnt get it and wonder, whats wrong with me. that would subsequently lead me to three days of depression. these days i leave the room and laugh thinking i wouldnt hire me! maybe its a part of growing up, but i think the best thing i want to adopt in my life is being able to laugh at myself.

recently i had the opportunity to do a workshop. and the scary thing was that i have never taught adults beyond a certain age. in addition to the group that would range to a near almost retirement age, i had to train trainers. they would probably have hawk eyes eyeing my every move.

i contemplated hiding under table, as i do that best and shrugged it off. i would enter an experience that i had no control over. if i taught kids, i knew how to do it, young adults, no problem. but corporate people who train for a living from a top notch petroloeum company? *check* on scary thing for the month!

so there i was laptop on my back and a big bag with props on my side as i walked from the train station and got lost to the damn hotel no one was able to tell me where, WHICH as usual was only ten minutes away i took half hour through the blazing sun and the pack on my bag made me feel like i was on amazing race with no partner to shout at. finally got to my place with only four hours of sleep for a couple of nights already, i set up to the comments of "oh you're the trainer?" yes, the one time i actually wished i look older.

then as we were to start the first few comers were men that look like they were in their 40s and 50s with their ties and long sleeves and my mind went, im going to ask these people to play games, lie on the floor and touch each others diaphragm. God help me!

as it turns out, they were quite the opposite of the stuffy type office people i had in mind and my jaw was hurting from the laughter they caused during these games. how awesome!

at the end of the day i had to lug my things back to the train station, stood in the corner of the train where i felt like puking thanks to the rush hour and my back and feet still ache from the experience, it was well worth the sleepless nights and pain.

now, i wonder whats scheduled for march on my scare me list? i know whats on aprils list HAHA growing old that is :)


Thursday, February 21, 2008

of black cats and green lights..

dear jess,

its kinda fun, like watchin miami ink without the annoying ami. thats where i have been spending my free time mostly..when you have no choice but to hang out in a tat shop -just cos- so wat do you do? watch people.. here was a girl who came into the shop and was totally freaked out, she was practically tearing before the inking. still, props to her she did her first tattoo at a veryyyy painful place (behind the ear) and she got through it blood, sweat and tears. its fun actually being able to watch people make their live changing-well sort of-decisions while i down doughnuts.

uni students doing an interview

kev doing a tat while SOMEONE knocked the bed!! lucky it wasnt me.

sunway pyramid has a cool parking system where u can see green lights on the empty spots! sigh sedihnya my life haha. will be back with more tales of other peoples life :P

yours looking for the green lights,


Thursday, February 14, 2008

you can take the girl out of the jeans, but you cant take the jeans out of the girl

dear jess,

im tempted to just tell you that this and this has happened in my life and get over with the letter. you know, enough with the self reflection thing. haha like as if. ive had several information on my mind that i cant wait to list for you.

we went to old school last weekend and "witnessed" some sort of robbery, by the time i brought the ten men that came with me (haha) across the road and to where there was now twenty people, the robbers -three of them had grabbed the robbee, who was HUGEEE and whacked him and accused him of curi motor. since no one actually saw what was happenig from across the road at the dark petrol station, before you knew it the three had ran off on their getaway kap chai and the poor huge man was bleeding from his head and crying!

I hate feeling helpless. like there were twenty people who came to help him and none could because no one knew what happened. at least my one man stopped the three guys from further hitting him. i prayed that God would punish the three severely, but who am i..

i took the train to the heart of the city today in a dress, had espresso and went to meet my "clients." i finally got to see the view of the city from the sky bridge, well the same level, i didnt know if i wanted to sneak into the sky bridge with my visitors pass, but that made my day. who knew the city looks beautiful the further away you are from it.

oh, and look no self reflection. :)


Friday, February 01, 2008

fashion advice?

dont wear black this chinese new year..
haha.. couldnt resist taking this. love the pants :P

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! cant wait to stuff my self and my pockets ..