Friday, June 12, 2009

maybe i ShouLd reNaME my bLoG to "rAndOmnEsS"..

dear jess,

we all have a mental, emotional, semi concious depiction of how our life would or should be. even if we think that we think that :) we are just "going with the flow." we would like the expression of having a "white picket fence" life. some people imagine even how many kids they should have! some aim to live overseas and some feel destined to certain jobs.some have even NAMED their "kids."

of course for some reason, i would love having to be explained to the "fact" that women dream of their wedding day. do they? do they REALLY??? cause i dont, and i dont actually know of anyone who does! what is there to dream of really?

now, as skeptical as iam, which clearly i am, there's no harm in dreaming or hoping. but is it not kinda strange when you think about it. how you plan all these things. for example, marriage and naming kids, that kinda involves someone else, who has equal "white picket fence" dreaming..

all these imagined dreaming can give false expectations. still, i digress. of course, i dont think i actually have a point. maybe a few then again.

its 4am and im hungry.