Saturday, November 27, 2004

dO wE wAnT aTtEnTioN oR ArE wE JuSt cRaZy???

dear jess,

i heard about this blog site of yours but until today i hadnt seen it. Forgive my bluntness, but ARE YOU CRAZY?? what on earth were you thinking displaying your whole life on a web page that any tom dick and harry, serial killers and mad men can pry into the nitty grittiness of your life..??

Plus, do you wonder who bothers to read stories from your life? SeriouslY!! and pictures?? GASPPP!! what were you thinking? i know, i know im old and stuck in ancient times, but ive been looking at other peoples blogs, and really, its like they're whole lives are displayed at the click of one finger! wanna see this guys birthday, sure look its right here, oh wait , wanna see his wife.. aha! there, right there! i mean, what ever happen to private lives??

Well, therefore, jess, old friend, ive come to the conclusion that people, yes that does include you are either craving for attention, and actually do want people to look into their lives or they're just plain crazy. Oh sure hate me for my views, but you know theres always a little truth in jess..

You for example, spill your emotional gutts for the whole world to see, its almost like a diary for the whole world!! okay, okay i'll stop my whining, i mean i just cant understand it.

Oh well, enough of your life, ive got to go find my own 15 minutes of fame somewhere else. ive decided not to use a blog because it doesnt scream enough more attention. someone like e always wants more.. :) ta!


Friday, November 26, 2004

LiFe ShOt mOmEntS..

... sUpErStAr..!! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

a liTtLe bIt Of Ice CrEam In The MiDsT oF AsPriN

dear jess,

why did you lie? time heals all wounds? if anything, time seems to have made things worse.

Last night i couldnt stop thinking of her. oh God i miss her so much. It was her birthday five days ago, and aunty's birthday three days ago. I just keep waiting and waiting like it was a big joke someone had played and out of no where they'd appear again, and things would go back to normal. We would just laugh at the thought that anyone could die, and even more so, not one of us, but two of us. Then as Christmas draws near, we can gather around making pineapple tarts like we did last year. Mama on my left cutting that ubi thingy and mummy on my right frying them. Stop it. im not supppose to cry. i havent cried, its been two months, why should i cry?

Its hard to imagine what our lives were meant to be sometimes. Sometimes i close my eyes, and i have this out of body expereince. I feel like i do when in an airplane, as i look down and all i see are the seas and the houses and somewhere beyond that is me, somewhere beyond that is you, somewhere in the midst of life when things happen in my life.

Do you know what the scariest part is? when i watch the tv till 5 in the morning and i hear a sound, my whole body goes into "action mode" and i think that theres an emergancy to attend to, something has happened, my body tells me that i need to call the ambulance, my mind goes crazy and say hey maybe something is wrong, and my heart skips a thousand beats faster. Its almost like the situation never ended.

And so life goes on. I try to keep myself busy, but really its just pushing aside the memories and pain. Its so difficult to express and explain this feeling, one id never wish upon anyone.

Dont misunderstand me, there's been lots of sugary events in life. Monday for example i found myself standing in front of a camera doing a casting. let me tell you i hate standing in front of camera's, but i love being stupid. so i do a whole series of stupidity to kononnya get into an ad.. urgghhh, which for some reason, in my profound idiocy i know i wont get. nevermind that, i brought my charming 4 year old Ian to do it as well, which was quite amusing, since this 'bijujake' in portugese simply put 'cant keep quiet' was making noise from begining of the trip to the end decides to go NUMB on me in front of the camera!!! Sighhhh so i had no choice but to bribe the 4 year old ice cream for performing in front of the camera..... The ice cream eventually ends up on the floor.. not surprising of course.

i'm sorry jess, i dont mean to call you a liar. i know life has its ups and downs, and if you were expecting to read only fun stuff you definitely wont be getting that with me. yeah you know me, manic depressive and all :)

thats it for now dear.. hey one of these days when im having another one of those areal views imagination, i wont forget to catch you a bit of those puffiness in the clouds that you love so much ;)

my cousins and i have named ourselves after cartoon characters that best resemble us, what should yours be??

love. always.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

LiFe ShOt mOmEntS..

wAsNt HaLLoWeEn SuPPosE tO bE PeOpLe wHo LoOkeD ScArY?? Posted by Hello

Monday, November 01, 2004

tHe AnTiCiPatIon Vs. ThE ReAL tHiNg

Dear jess,

ive been hooked on 'super text twist' lately.. its a great psychotic word game!! you should really try it.. go search it up.. trust me, you'd be hooked too...

Saturday was my first attempt to indulge in a 'dress party' YAY!! well, it was halloween and my cousins and i wanted to get dressed, and perhaps even win the best costume.. No, we do not subscribe to demons and ghost, and well truth be known there were more people dressed as angels that night! anyways i think people (LIKE US) just wanna go crazy and wear costumes every once in a while.

Was a good break from the stresses of grief that we've been hurdling, and we let ourselves go crazy with the buying but MOstly with the giggly excitement. the three beautiful and beautiful witches we decided to be. No way were we gonna be wrinkly old witches with grey hair and huge pimples.. Yes, yes we're vain but who can blame us? it paid off too you know.. only the three witches got offered drinks on the house for getting all dressed :)

We bought our witchy hats, and fingernails.. and sprayed painted it black.. black lipstick, black eyeshadow... The most hilarious part was once our fake long nails were on, we couldnt do a single thing by ourselves! My attempt to put on a necklace had us laughing to bits as it slipped off and we couldnt open our handbags to use the h/phone, or even open the car door.. needless to say there were more hilariouty in the whole thing.

So off went the powerless and worse still clueless witches, with pokie hats and gothic make up that managed to scare ourselves in the mirror.. (so much for beautiful).

So proudly we arrived at our destination espanda only to find out our party of three witches, two pirates, one hair banded horned gal, a Jason from jason vs Freddy, and well.. a Casper- sort of... were the only ones dressed.. Sigh how stupid we felt, so we left for velvet, zouk which whilst had tons more people dressed played non stop- ear piercing- heart aching techno.. URGHHH well its not like anyone can dance with a withces hat on.. but still!! URGGHH.

So there it was... and oh did i mention actually it was a celebration for seans birthday.. hmmm or maybe it was just us wanting to wear costumes.. anyhow.. the anticipation was so much more fun than the event in itself.. SIGH!!

ps. i think next year, ill just get dressed and stay home.. :)